Sunday Sundae Special at the Ice Cream Shoppe :)

Blast-Ended Skrewts
Topic: Probability, Counting & Combinatorics
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Parkers favorite ice cream shoppe has a Sundae Special on Sundays. He/She can create his/her own sundae by choosing one of the eight flavors of ice cream, one of the four fruit toppings, one of the three nut toppings, and one of the two different kinds of whippped cream. How many additional unique sundaes can be made if he/she is allowed to skip one or more of the following: nut toppings, fruit toppings, or whipped cream? Watch the video to find out! (do us a favor and vote for us while your at it!!) Thank You :)

Common Core Standards: 7.SP.8
Problem #: 
193 (2012-2013)
Problem Difficulty Level: 5 [?]