The Remainders
Topic: Proportional Reasoning
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Welcome back to another exciting episode of “Remainder”.

This week our castaways are once again competing to be the Remainder and the winner of a million dollars! Our contestant will go through a rigorous challenge to try to win immunity and not get voted off the island. The best way to win the challenge is to put your proportional reasoning to the test! The team who wins the challenge will not only win a prize but will also be safe from Subtraction Showdown!

Who will it be? Join us as we get one step closer to finding out who will be...The Remainder!

Spike can dig 8 holes in 3 hours. Butch can dig 7 holes in 4 hours. Lucky can dig 6 holes in 5 hours. How many minutes will it take them to dig 3 holes if all three work together? Express your answer to the nearest whole number.

Common Core Standards: 7.RP.3
Problem #: 
190 (2018-2019)
Problem Difficulty Level: 4 [?]