last christmas

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Topic: Plane Geometry
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welcome, welcome. "last christmas" was filmed and specifically edited to be highlighted out of thousands of others. the angle footage and pre-planning, the scripts and the editing. the holiday and christmas theme of this movie was chosen due to the time it was completed (dec. 2011+jan.2012). i do admit that the plot of the music video ("last christmas" arranged by: SM Entertainment; sung by: SHINee) was a bit quick and unclear, because of bits and even entire scenes were cut out to fit within the required time frame. the story is focusing on a poor man who is taking a break during his job at a local store. he accidentally falls asleep, unconsciously. the movie begins when he is coincidentally meeting a girl of his dreams from time to time. on christmas day, he decides to make a christmas present for her, to show his affection towards her from the heart. the main point is pulled here, the math problem. the work for the problem isnt much, its fairly simple. it is explained in extra detai in the wrapping credits. he texts her to meet her at a christmas tree, which is where he hands her her gift, and the dream cuts off. the footage is then again turned back to the beginning, only he wakes up. startled, he swiftly cleans up and turns off the lights to the shop, running towards home. on the way, he walks past the girl in his dream, realizing seconds later. he turns and yells "wait!" but its too late. the effort and hours put in this deserves to win C: please vote! 

Common Core Standards: 6.G.1
Problem #: 
100 (2011-2012)
Problem Difficulty Level: 5 [?]