The Ladder Challenge

Topic: Measurement
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Simone, Sidney, and Sierra have been told several times to stay out of their brother, Keaton's, room, but they just won't listen. When they sneak in his room to play video games, Keaton tricks them with a trap. The only way for the sisters to escape is by using their mathematical problem solving skills. Will they make it out this time?

Problem #50- When leaned against a vertical structure, a straight ladder can be used safely if its top is no more than four feet above the base of the structure for every foot that the bottom of the ladder is away from the base. How high can a 22ft ladder safely reach up a vertical structure? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.

Common Core Standards: 8.G.7
Problem #: 
50 (2016-2017)
Problem Difficulty Level: 4 [?]