Topic: Probability, Counting & Combinatorics
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HEX / Fourcubed Studios / Alyssa Lo, Brian Wu, Ivy Chan, Jeffrey Ni
A fallen kingdom centered around a mystical object called the Fire Lily. A strange secluded guru deep in the forest. An intricate and confusing hexagon puzzle. How far will a couple of lost botanists go to help save their kingdom?
Hex is set in an ancient, fallen kingdom, which has been said to have thrived hundreds of years ago thanks to a very important secret. Two lost botanists, venturing in a nearby forest, stumble upon a strange guru who asks them for help for restoring the secret. Discover what the secret was, and why the kingdom fell without it in HEX.
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Mademoiselle Noir by ppeppina
Easy Lemon, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
The Other Side of the Door, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
The Snow Queen, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
Arcadia, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
Constancy Part Three, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)
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Common Core Standards: SMP
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45 (2012-2013)
Problem Difficulty Level: 3 [?]