The Fortune of the Pokemal Hunters

Double Duelers
Topic: Probability, Counting & Combinatorics
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A duo of boys go out in search of a new lightning PokéMal. The boys get their precious 52nd PokéMal, but are attacked by another team of two. The opposing team seeks for a fight and forces the duo to face them. The duo and attackers find the chances of the duo getting 2 of their 4 strongest PokéMals, which are their lightning ones. They solve a math problem to find the probability of this event happening. The attackers are trying to see if they’ll win and the duo is seeing if they'll stand a chance. Watch to see the epic brawl between them.

Common Core Standards: 7.SP.8
Problem #: 
34 (2017-2018)
Problem Difficulty Level: 3 [?]