Topic: Algebraic Expressions and Equations
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Description: Four scouts from PBSQ University look to recruit three star basketball players. The scouts are presented with math surrounding points scored in a game. In the end, they hope to recruit all three athletes. Will PBSQ University be their school of choice? Watch as the players make their final decisions.

Problem #51: In a basketball game, *Aisha and *Britney scored 23 points in all; *Aisha and *Courtney scored 21 points in all; *Britney and *Courtney scored 20 points in all. How many points did the three *girls score altogether?

*For the purpose of our video, we are using three boys and have changed the names in the problem to Alex, Brock, and Cash.

Common Core Standard: 8.EE.8

Problem: #51 (2014 -2015)

Difficulty: 5

Common Core Standards: 8.EE.8
Problem #: 
51 (2014-2015)
Problem Difficulty Level: 5 [?]