The Comeback

Topic: Statistics and Data
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As the underdog, the Northbrook Spartans are playing against the best football team in the league at the opponent’s home field for the Championship title. Faced with various setbacks like interception and fumble, the Spartans are 0 to 13 behind at the end of the first Half. Will the Spartans make a comeback to win the tough battle?

Also at stake are the two wide receivers who have a shot at the Cook County All Star Team, which is looking for 2 wide receivers, preferably from the same team to ensure good chemistry. Their combined average yards have to exceed the league record of 64 yards per game to make the cut as a duo. Will they make it?

Common Core Standards: 6.SP.5
Problem #: 
33 (2015-2016)
Problem Difficulty Level: 3 [?]