The Cake Dilemma

The !'s
Topic: Solid Geometry
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3 good friends, Algebra Dude, Geometry Dude, and Random Dude, try to figure out how big their cake should be if they want to use up all of their icing. Too bad they didn't get to eat it. We'd appreciate some votes!!!
Fun facts: We were too lazy to clean the table off for the first scene, so we just stacked everything behind the two mugs on the table.
During the filming of the scene where Random dude calls Geometry dude, calls to the Home Depot and to McDonald's were accidentally made.
The derp derps last exactly 0.2 seconds.
Our cake pans weren't the same size, so we had to crop the bottom layer.
We forgot the nonstick spray.
We didn't actually measure how much icing we needed.
A dog almost ate our cake while we were running around outside.

Common Core Standards: 8.G.9
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254 (2013-2014)
Problem Difficulty Level: 4 [?]