Back in the Good Old Days

The Mathtastic 4
Topic: Probability, Counting & Combinatorics
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A comedy/silent film where four friends, who are now senior citizens, remember the good old days. They recall a time they went to the movies (silent film) when they were young and had to figure out how to sit in four seats so everyone would be happy. There were some conditions making this difficult: Abby was on crutches, so she had to sit at the end of the row; two girls, Bea and Clara, were accidentally super glued together when trying to fix a necklace; and they all took turns driving each other crazy! Enjoy this fun and exciting presentation. We really hope you like it and hope you will please vote for us!!!

Starring The Mathtastic 4:
Anaya Spencer as Abby
Shadarria Robinson as Bea
Jayla VanHorn as Clara
Kellie Keaton as Dorothy

Eighth Graders at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School