Green Medics
Topic: Number Theory
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Question #47 Rewritten by AMT Math team

There is a strange infection that fully turns a person green forever if not treated in 15 days. Most of the antidote has been used to save all the people of the world. One last human, Luoram, a scientist who had helped find the cure is infected with that “green” disease. His scientist friends (Muneer, Anthony, and Adrian) visit him on the 10th day of his infection and realize they need at least 450 ml of the antidote in equal parts of components A and B in order to save their friend. But there is only 120 ml of component B and 200 ml of component A left in the world. It takes Scientist Adrian 1 full day to manufacture just 10 ml of Component A and Scientist Anthony 1 full day to manufacture 30 ml of Component B. Can the scientists save their friend from turning green forever?

Common Core Standards: SMP
Problem #: 
47 (2019-2020)
Problem Difficulty Level: [?]