Team Switcharoo Crew
Topic: Algebraic Expressions and Equations
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Studying gone wrong! Naima and Emily are studying until they were distracted by the game Algenite. Jordan and Robert want to continue to play but the girls feel otherwise. Suddenly a fight breaks out between them all. They end up making a Switcharoo that changed everything. Will everything return to normal or will this change of theirs stay forever? Find out with a click of a button...

Esther purchased two rock tumblers and 1 spy pen for $74.00. Eli purchased two puzzles and a spy pen for $50.00. Savine purchased a rock tumbler and two puzzles for $57.00. Based on this, how much does one puzzle cost?

Common Core Standards: 8.EE.8
Problem #: 
76 (2018-2019)
Problem Difficulty Level: 5 [?]