Making a Video

Get Playbook Resources

Get the Math Video Challenge Playbook here to help get your team going! In addition to this year's problems, the playbook includes detailed information about how to register and create a video, plus lots of great resources that will help your team with everything from brainstorming to editing.

Find the Right Tools

Using new technology is one of the things that makes the Math Video Challenge fun, but that doesn't mean you need to have a lot of expensive equipment. Many videos submitted to the contest are shot on smartphones. Plus, many public libraries and school media centers will allow students and teachers to check out video equipment or use computers with editing software.


  1. Video camera or any device that can capture video, such as a smartphone, webcam or digital camera.
  2. Computer or tablet that has video editing software available for its operating system.


Although it is not required that your video include special effects, video editing is an important step and makes your video look and sound better. Video editing software allows you to add transitions, voiceovers, music and more! There are many different video editing packages available, but three of the most common are iMovie, Microsoft Photos and Adobe Premiere Clip. Please select from the following links for more information on these commonly available video editing tools.