Checklist to Make a Video

Creating a video is fun because you get to do lots of different things and develop a wide range of skills. Based on feedback from past participants, we've developed a checklist of 10 steps to make a video. You can find detailed infromation about each of these steps in the Guide for New Team Advisors in the Math Video Challenge Playbook, but below is a summary of these steps. Please note, these steps are suggestions, not requirements!

Step 1: Pick a Math Problem

Use this year's problems from the Math Video Challenge Playbook.

Step 2: Write the Solution(s) to the Math Problem

Explore different solutions to the problem.

Step 3: Brainstorm Story Ideas

Use our graphic organizers to help you.

Step 4: Plan out the Where, When and How of Filming, Costumes, Sets and Editing

Get the logistics in order before getting too far along in the project.

Step 5: Create a Storyboard for Your Video

Use our storyboarding template.

Step 6: Write the Script for Your Video

Keep the 5-minute time limit in mind.

Step 7: Do a Timed Table-Read and Run-Through to Practice

Practice a few times before filming anything!

Step 8: Shoot Your Video

Be sure to avoid common pitfalls (details in this year's playbook)!

Step 9: Edit Your Video and Add Desired Special Effects

Make sure your video does not include any copyrighted material.

Step 10: Show the Final Product to Someone Who Hasn't Seen the Video Before

Based on his/her feedback, make any necessary changes.