About the Math Video Challenge

The Program in a Nutshell

The Math Video Challenge is a national program that challenges students to develop their math, communication and technology skills in a collaborative video project. Created in 2011, this program is completely free and is open to all 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade students. Students can participate either through their school or through a non-school group.

If you're an educator who is new to the Math Video Challenge, an excellent resource is the Guide for New Team Advisors, which can be found in the Math Video Challenge Playbook. Excerpts of the guide can be found below.


The Math Video Challenge is designed to be a fairly flexible program, so that students can have the freedom to be creative with their videos. Here's what a typical program looks like:

During the fall/winter students work in teams of 4 to create a video based on a MATHCOUNTS problem. The students must solve a math problem from this year's playbook and show a real-world application of the math concept used in the problem. Videos can be no longer than 5 minutes. Students post their completed videos to the Math Video Challenge website.


From early February through mid-March, the general public votes on the videos and the 100 videos with the most votes advance to the judging rounds. Students can vote for their own video as often as once a day during general public voting, and they also can ask their friends, family members and school community to vote. Teams that submit videos by the Promo Prize Pack deadline in February receive a free pack of materials to help them promote their video.


A panel of expert judges reviews the top 100 videos and selects 20 semifinalists to advance to the second round of judging. Semifinalists are announced in late March; semifinalists receive certificates and recognition on the program website.


In early April, expert judges select 4 finalist videos to advance to the Math Video Challenge Finals. The 16 students who created these 4 videos, as well as each team's advisor, receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition in Orlando, FL, where they present their videos to the 224 Competition Series national competitors.

At the Math Video Challenge Finals in May, the 224 Mathletes® at the National Competition vote to determine the First Place Video. The 4 students who created the winning video each receive a $1000 scholarship. All videos created during the contest are added to the Math Video Challenge online archive, providing a free educational tool for students and teachers.


You can download a detailed list of the most important dates for this year's Math Video Challenge here. A summary timeline is below.

  • September 2018 - March 2019: Program Registration + Video Submission Open
  • February 13 - March 14, 2019: General Public Voting
  • March 1, 2019: Promo Prize Pack Deadline for Video Submissions
  • March 14, 2019: Final Deadline for Video Submissions
  • March 18, 2019: Top 100 Videos Announced
  • March 25, 2019: 20 Semifinalist Videos Announced
  • April 1, 2019: 4 Finalist Videos Announced
  • May 11-14, 2019: 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition in Orlando, FL


Why Participate?

STUDENTS have fun! Sounds simple, but it's really important! This program gives students who fear math a chance to feel successful on a math project. Students who dislike math have the opportunity to work with their peers and tap into other talents and interests—from art to technology to writing to acting.

STUDENTS have the opportunity to collaborate and strengthen their creativity and communication abilities. This means that students are learning skills not typically associated with math class—skills that are essential for future academic and professional success.

STUDENTS have the opportunity to use technology—from smartphones and video cameras to video editing software. This helps build their technological proficiency, which is increasingly important for success, but not covered in the typical middle school curriculum.

TEACHERS can engage their students in a high-quality, meaningful program. An independent study rated the Math Video Challenge as highly effective. The program also has been evaluated by Change the Equation and is an Accomplished Program in STEMworks.

TEACHERS can help their students connect math to the real-world. Practically every math teacher has had a student ask "When am I going to use this math in real life?" Now, with the Math Video Challenge online archive, teachers can show their students numerous student-made examples of math used in the real world.

TEACHERS can get their students excited about math. Making a video is really fun! Add to that all of the great prizes students can win just for participating and teachers have a surefire way to get kids interested in math.  


About the MATHCOUNTS Foundation

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization founded in 1983 through a collaboration between the National Society of Professional Engineers, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the CNA Foundation. Our mission is to provide engaging math programs for U.S. middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving. For more than 30 years MATHCOUNTS has provided fun, meaningful learning experiences for students and free, high-quality resources for educators.

MATHCOUNTS helps students reach their full potential in mathematics through 3 distinct programs—the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, the National Math Club and the Math Video Challenge. Learn more about MATHCOUNTS programs and resources at www.mathcounts.org.