The Sandwich Girls Association

The Sandwich Girls
Topic: Percents & Fractions
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The race is on for the election to determine who will hold the title of President of the Sandwich Girls Association. When the election results are announced, Kiera and her friend are shocked. They must put their math skills to the test to uncover the true winner.

Problem #82: Kiera and Aubrey were the only candidates for SGA President. Kiera received 44% of the 7th graders’ votes, and Aubrey received 42% of the 8th graders’ votes. The student body consists of 325 7th graders and 350 8th graders, and every student voted for one of these two candidates. What percent of the students’ votes did the winner receive? Express your answer to the nearest whole number.

Common Core Standards: 7.RP.3
Problem #: 
82 (2014-2015)
Problem Difficulty Level: 3 [?]