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Math Video Challenge Leaderboard

Gracie's Majestic Adventures in a Distant and Dangerous Spacetime with Rusty O'Metal: Spinoff Series
Team: Honor Band Saxes
Number of Votes: 375
Number of Views: 1,491
Problem #: 172 (2017-2018)
Topic: Measurement
Vk2 Case XD
Team: VK Squared
Number of Votes: 372
Number of Views: 471
Problem #: 35 (2017-2018)
Topic: General Math
Sheep, Not Goats!
Team: Goat Girls
Number of Votes: 365
Number of Views: 754
Problem #: 65 (2017-2018)
Timmy and the Fairly Odd Twins
Team: The Brain Gang
Number of Votes: 350
Number of Views: 653
Problem #: 52 (2017-2018)
Topic: Algebraic Expressions & Equations
The Rescue of the Pie
Team: The Herbert Bear C...
Number of Votes: 348
Number of Views: 678
Problem #: 53 (2017-2018)
Topic: Plane Geometry
The journey of Goblin Goons
Team: Goblin Goons
Number of Votes: 340
Number of Views: 911
Problem #: 44 (2017-2018)
Topic: General Math
A Smart Chart Problem
Team: Smart Chart
Number of Votes: 338
Number of Views: 561
Problem #: 58 (2017-2018)
Topic: Problem Solving (Misc.)
Chef Chloe's Crazy Cupcakes
Team: (Baldwin Girls)4
Number of Votes: 335
Number of Views: 622
Problem #: 127 (2017-2018)
Topic: Proportional Reasoning
You Pinhead!
Team: We know the way
Number of Votes: 330
Number of Views: 644
Problem #: 11 (2017-2018)
Topic: Sequences, Series & Patterns